Moments of Grace

A permanent sound and light installation commission from On the Record, for Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trsut

Nurses and midwives are with us at every hour of the day and night, even when our loved ones are not allowed to come near.  There is objective time, and life literally hangs upon these minutes. But there is also subjective time, the kind you wear beneath your fob watch, close to the pulse. This second kind of time is slippery, especially during a crisis. It's like music - it speeds up, it slows down. Occasionally time seems to disappear, until the eventual point when it really does go missing, never to return. Nurses know all about time, and they help us to spend it well.

Moments of Grace will distils 24-hour presence into a 24-7 interactive sound and light composition, starting with your time of listening. It will be installed in physical space at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, in 2024. Visit the proof of concept website here:

Moments of Grace, online

Leading up to the installation, we have co-produced stories and soundscapes with nurses, midwives, students, apprentices and healthcare workers through the following engagements

Oral history recording workshops 

Field recording workshops 

Audio diaries workshops

Launch event planning workshops

This project has been enabled by Funding from Historic England, Guy's and St Thomas' Foundation and Lambeth.