Music page

Nicole Robson has composed 25 musical pieces for Moments of Grace, inspired by the themes of time, tempo and ciracadian rhythms. Nicole has also responded to unique field recordings made of the site by project participants.

A few examples

Tempo change

Big Ben Theme

River Atmos

Here's a quote from Nicole on her methods: 

"It’s taken a little while to arrive in this musical world, but I think it’s starting to feel right and I’d love to hear your thoughts. The main ‘Ben’ theme, is as the title suggests my musical answer to Big Ben’s Bongs and it will be this that I iterate on to create the hourly musical interludes. 

I’ve been making lots of intimate recordings of my piano - somewhat surgical I suppose, and with Florence’s comment in mind that she didn’t much care for the piano I’ve been using the piano in a most unpianistic manner, sampling thuds and clatters to make rhythmic loops (see Time_Beats) and sticking bits of paper and cloth on the hammers to change the timbre in different ways. I plan to make some long textural, droney beds by stretching out piano ‘bong’ hits - see "test bong done."