Single Parents

How are single parents affected by the lack of affordable childcare?

In this episode Ruth Talbot, single parent to 3 children and founder of the campaign group Single Parent Rights, explores the history of the issues she faces. Has anything changed for single parents in the last six decades? How will the planned changes to Universal Credit for single parents announced in the 2023 Spring Budget impact single parents? What needs to change to ensure single parent families are able to thrive?

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Episode produced by Ruth Talbot

Series artwork by Eva Freeman

Episode artwork by Ruth Talbot

Sound design by Hannah Kemp Welch

Interview with Mary-Ann Stephenson, the Director of the Women's Budget Group, recorded by Ruth Talbot,

Interview with Norma Dudley, recorded by Eva Turner and Rosa Schling for Doing it Ourselves, an On the Record project.

This podcast is part of the Grow Your Own oral history project, run by On the Record

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