No Recourse to Public Funds

In this episode, Imran Bukenya, stay-at-home dad and community organiser with Together in Unity, talks about what it means to have ‘no recourse to public funds’ and need childcare. Imran asks if previous generations of migrants to the UK faced the same challenges? He investigates the archives to find out how people campaigned to create childcare accessible to all in the past, and calls on the government to include all families in the childcare support currently available.

You can sign a petition calling for all parents to have access to childcare here:

Episode produced by Imran Bukenya

Artwork by Eva Freeman

Sound design by Hannah Kemp Welch

Interview with Shirley Peters, recorded by Rosa Schling for Holding the Baby, an On the Record project 

Interview with Jenny Williams, recorded by Rosa Schling for Grow Your Own, an On the Record project

This podcast is part of the Grow Your Own oral history project, run by On the Record and funded by Trust for London.