Can you be a working mum and breastfeed?

In this episode, mum and breastfeding peer supporter Genova, investigates how breastfeeding parents have negotiated their return to work. She delves into the archives to find out what breastfeeding was like in the 1950s. She speaks to campaigners and experts to find out what rights parents returning to work have today.

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Episode produced by Genova Messiah

Sound design by Hannah Kemp Welch

Interviews with Joy Hastings, Vice Chair of The Breastfeeding Network and Laura Eggleton, recorded by Genova Messiah.

Interviews with Judith Marchant and Margaret Peck recorded by Rosa Schling for Holding the Baby, an On the Record project.

Research conducted at Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives.

This podcast is part of the Grow Your Own oral history project, run by On the Record

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