2018 - 2020

The Quick and the Dead

Hear incredible stories from the Londoners who work, love, and dream among the gravestones in our sound-rich oral history radio feature. We were commissioned by the Royal Parks to bury ourself in a little house in Brompton Cemetery in 2019, and gathered the stories here.

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"The Dead" ventures below ground. Brompton Cemetery is home to over 200,000 permanent residents ranging from Emmeline Pankhurst to newly buried infants. It’s also a great place to “time travel,” as H.G. Wells discovered. You can keep appointments with the past, or with future events that are waiting for you to find your way to them at last.

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The full archive of oral history recordings will soon be available at Bishopsgate Library.

Commissioned by the Royal Parks.

"You walk through the acres of graves here, you can feel waves of past and possibility washing over you, touching all these lives which are separated, often only by inches, by you and I, sitting here this moment. They were all just as actual as we are, and here, they’re all gone and extinguished." - Lady Sasha de Suinn

Illustration by Joanna Layla