Part 1: The Quick

"The Quick" is an ancient word for the living and tender flesh, beloved of Wild West gunslingers. Of London’s “Magnificent Seven” Cemeteries, Brompton Cemetery is the rebellious little sister. In the 1970s and 1980s, as the narrators recall, she was a cheeky shortcut between Chelsea’s counterculture and the Leather bars of Earls Court. Brompton’s “outlaw spirit” has been tamed, but she remains a sanctuary for the wild-at-heart, and for wildlife. Soaring above the human voices, you’ll hear crows conspiring and cicadas shimmering.

The Voices of the Quick are: Sarah Cheesbrough, Sasha de Suinn, Duggie Fields, Shirley Wiggins, John Lenihan, Daphne the squirrel, and Joe Mellen.

Co-production and sound design from Steve Urquhart.


A fanciful impression of Lady Sasha de Suinn at Brompton Cemetery. Copyright Joanna Layla / On the Record