Speakers' Corner Oral History Radio Show

"I have often listened to the speakers, and have sometimes wondered where where they came from, how they lived, and where they would go when they had said or screamed their say and the gates of the Park are closing?" Discover what lies beneath the cut and thrust of face-to-face debate at Speakers' Corners.

The radio show takes you from the last speeches of 'malefactors' condemned at Tyburn through the post-war hey day of stump oratory to Speakers' Corner in the age of internet conspiracy theories. It features entertaining historical footage, oral history and an adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s gallows satire “Clever Tom Clinch” by folk group Kalbakken and samples from Tomfoolery beats and Tom Rogerson. 

Production and sound design by Laura Mitchison

Originally broadcast on Resonance FM.


 Norman Schlund, an unusual and comic performer who used to  draw large crowds at Speakers' Corner, 1979. Copyright Philip Wolmuth.