Youth music specialist required for a mini-project inspired by the Rego Singing Strikers of the 1920s


Musical skills required: Vocals and beats/drumming.

Role Description: We need someone with serious skills in contemporary/urban music genres to help a group of 9-12 year olds reimagine the singing strikers’ songs for the 21st century. The young people may want to adapt the original tunes, rewrite the lyrics or compose their own songs from scratch.  At least some of the children love singing, others are more interested in spoken word/rap so they can work on lyrics and beats.

Background: The singing strikers worked for Rego, one of East London’s biggest rag trade employers in the 1920s.  The trade union refused to recognize their action and they had no strike pay. So the women and girls – some as young as 14 – took to the streets, singing strike anthems they had written to popular tunes of the day.  They carried their banners written with lipstick through the streets of London. They won popular support including funds to keep them going and countered the sneering press.

Sandra Kerr, acclaimed folk musician, researched and recorded the strikers songs with historian Maggie Hewitt. On the Record will investigate the history and the original songs with the young people, many of whom live in the same streets as the singing strikers and help them find themes for their songs.

Whole Project Time: Wednesdays 6pm-7pm: 7th January until 11th February 2015. These short sessions will be followed by recording the songs over 1 day in half term (16th-20th February 2015).

Time Commitment: We expect the youth music practitioner to commit to 2 or 3 (60 minute) Wednesday evening sessions and 1 recording day in half term (16th-20th February 2015). Ideally the music practitioner will ‘tidy up’ and master the recordings, though this is not an essential requirement.

Fee: £500

Venue: Hackney, E9

Please send:

1. a CV

2. links to/files of 3 examples of songs you have worked with young people on

3. a brief covering letter of up to 600 words explaining how you worked with the young people to produce these three examples


Deadline: 19th December 2014, 5pm

a cartoon expressing the feelings of the Rego strikers

a cartoon expressing the feelings of the Rego strikers