Web designer for Sonic Anatomy of Lost Hospitals

Sonic Anatomy of Lost Hospitals records the last days of the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital and the Eastman Dental Hospital, both closing in October 2019. The moment when a cochlear implant is switched on, the writer who begins to hear phantom sounds, the retired surgeon sleeping alongside a pickled elephant in the attic, the ‘art of silence’ when breaking bad news, the hypnotic chant of auditory tests, the swoop and glide of dental sculpting. A 22 minute audio-visual piece introduces Sonic Anatomy of Lost Hospitals – an exhibition over 3 floors of a new hospital. The authentic voices of staff and patients provide the verses, while music interpreting the story locations gives the piece its architecture. Sonic anatomies were mapped visually with 3D scanning technology. This project is an On the Record and ScreenDeep production, bringing together oral history, sound art, music, architecture, light, film and sculpture.

We are seeking a web designer to create an online and off-line home for the audio-visual piece.  The ideal candidate is highly creative  (no off the shelf templates) & skilled at kinetic typography/motion graphics to make access for the deaf visually engaging. Layer 1: AV piece. Voice/music segments flow into one another fluidly, with accompanying videos and stills which relate to each voice/music piece. When voice/ dialogue is leading, kinetic typography appears. Find a novel way of presenting this if possible, beyond simply embedding a video with subtitles. Layer 2: A larger, curated selection of individual audio snippets and music pieces (up to 3-4 mins each), and accompanying visuals aligned with their spatial position in the buildings (i.e. by showing position on a floor plan). Each curated snippet has a link to layer 3 Layer 3: Link to full archive. In addition, you need to hard wire layer 1 and, ideally, layer 2 into a touch screen monitor which will be on 24/7 with only occasional maintenance in Phase 5. So layer 1 should be available offline and play on a loop. They should be able to navigate to a deeper layer and back to the AV piece easily. Find an AV solution for this. 3000 pounds budget. With a further budget (to be confirmed) for a redesign of On the Record’s website.

To apply please send up to 200 words explaining how you would approach this commission with visual links. Provide a link to a professional updated portfolio.