Hospital in the Mind - An Oral History of The Cassel

Hospital in the Mind is an oral history film about The Cassel, as told by four generations of patients, nurses and therapists - trailer above.

The Cassel Hospital has been treating patients for over 100 years. It is the only NHS therapeutic community where treatment is free, voluntary and residential. Patients are supported to build relationships with staff and peers, and to take responsibility for their own and other's treatment. To watch a film about people who are emotionally contained but not physically locked away is revelatory. The making of 'Hospital in the Mind' certainly was for the producer, Laura, who has experience of acute psychiatric admissions.

Please consider booking a screening for your community or institution: [email protected][email protected] to help us recoup the cost of making the film and more importantly, to get it out to wider audiences.

Commissioned by

Rob Lemkin of Old Street Films - director and cinematographer

Laura Mitchison of - producer &  researcher

Rob Lemkin & Laura Mitchison - script & editing, in close consultation with 30 participants.

Maureen Miller -  principal executive producer

With thanks

The Cassel's Centenary fillm & asociated activities have been made possible through the funding & promotional support of:

A H and B C Whiteley Charity

King's College London, in particular Alana Harris and Caitjan Gainty

Science Gallery London

Krissi Boakye 

BIG Innovation Grant, via the Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education at Kingston University 

BIG Hothouse Fund - fund administered via a partnership with the University of Roehampton

West London NHS Trust charity