Are you a Ghosthunter?

This audio trail was commissioned by St Mary's Old Church in Stoke Newington. St Mary's is London's only surviving Elizabethan churchyard, and the tombstone inscriptions have been lost to weather and time. "Are You a Ghost-hunter?" pieces together the fragments of story. It turns out that urban foxes and local teenagers - each in their own way - are the ones who are most familiar with the long forgotten dead.

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With thanks to the voices of St Mary's Old Church:

Stoke Newington School students

Jean Sprackland: writer

Abstract Benna: performance poet

Charles Foster: vet, barrister, philosopher

Sam Lee: folk singer

Nana Fani-Kayode: radio producer

Tania Aubeelack: activist and historian

With special thanks to Tania Aubeelack for her research and inspiration, and Nana Fani-Kayode for associate production.