Solidarity in adversity

The adventure playground has provided refuge, escapism, support and help to many since 1974. It is embedded in its community and helps some of the most vulnerable local people.

Clip 1 – Alexander William: A foodbank was set up to help the community.

During the Covid-19 pandemic a foodbank was created using food given by the Felix project to help families in need. It is still ongoing.

Clip 2 – Jack Anderson: An escape from the difficulties faced at home.

When things got difficult at home, Weavers was a place of stability and continuity: “It is always there.”

Clip 3 – Michelle Handley: Getting away from adult care responsibilities.

The playground was a space where many young carers were able to play with their siblings and forge new friendships groups. It sustained their childhood given that they had to care for others.

Clip 4 – Steve Odlum: Playworkers helping disabled children.

Youth workers supported disabled young people and their siblings who were very often caring for them. There was a level of consciousness around building a safe and caring environment.

Clip 5 – Lurline Blake: Volunteer cooking healthy meals for children.

Weavers looked after the well-being of its young people and staff by cooking healthy hot meals during the week. The aim was to prevent young people eating fast food regularly.

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© Steve Odlum. Young people relaxing on a scramble net, 1980s. Below: © Steve Odlum. Three young people hugging each other, 1980s