The legacy of Weavers continues to this day.

Clip 1 – Lurline Blake: Career paths of former children at Weavers

The playground has left its mark across many generations. People remember the playground for the transformative role it has played in their lives. Weavers has shaped characters and inspired future careers in education and youth work.

Clip 2 – Lurline Blake: Generations of one family coming to Weavers

Weavers encourages generations of young people to play outside and exercise. Many young people, who attended Weavers as children just like Lurline’s grandson, went back as adults to volunteer at the playground. That’s their way of saying thank you!

Clip 3 – Zaffer Hassan: An undeniable appreciation of Weavers in older age

Due to a lack of youth work funding, young people can’t come to Weavers once they turn 16 years old. With hindsight, many realised how much they appreciated what the playground had given them as children.

Clip 4 – Linda Kelly: An undeniable appreciation of Weavers in older age

The playground was remembered by Linda Kelly as safe and trustworthy with a family warmth to it. Weavers was like 'Kids’ City' - a place you simply could not wait to attend once the summer holidays began.

Clip 5 – Valerie Thompson: Childhood connections with adults

Weavers is a space where children can interact with adults safely and learn how to deal with fear. In Valerie’s view this helps in turn to shape one’s character or personality. 

Clip 6 – Zaffer Hassan: Childhood memories and lasting connections

Throughout the playground’s history, parents have stepped in to keep it open. Solid and long-lasting friendships and conversations have been established in this space, and they carry on till now.

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© Beverley Burnett. A group of children eating ice-cream in the park. Below: © Errol Wynter. Young person dribbling a basketball on Weavers' basketball court, 2022