Historical context

Adventure Playgrounds -a brief historical context

Clip 1 – Simon Rix: The first adventure playground in the world under occupation

The first adventure or ‘junk’ playground was Emdrup Junk Playground in Copenhagen, which opened in 1943 in Nazi-occupied Denmark. The first ‘junk’ playground in the UK, inspired by Emdrup, was opened in 1948 in Camberwell, south London.

Clip 2 – Simon Rix: The squatters reimagining the usage of lands and spaces

The British Adventure Playground movement can be traced back to Notting Hill, west London. It has links to the British squatting movement which aimed at recreating and remaking spaces to change people’s daily lives.

Clip 3 – Simon Rix: The influence of Situationist ideas and ideals

The adventure playground movement has links to Situationist ideas. Adventure playgrounds were an integral part of community action.

Clip 4 – Simon Rix: Playworkers and their emotive attachment to fun and play

Simon Rix talks about the positive impact play has on children’s psychological and physical growth.

Clip 5 – Simon Rix: Have your childhood here!

Adventure playgrounds preserve childhoods. They are dedicated and protected spaces where young people can create, build, and transform their lives.

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