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Moments of Grace

Nurses are with us at every hour of the day and night, even when our loved ones are not allowed to come near. "Moments of Grace" distills their 24-hour presence into a circular composition, starting with your time of listening. The light line at the bottom of the website allows you to travel forwards and backwards in time. 

There is objective time, and life literally hangs upon these minutes. But there is also subjective time, the kind you wear beneath your fob watch, close to the pulse. This second kind of time is slippery, especially during a crisis. It's like music - it speeds up, it slows down. In critical care units, it cycles back on itself like a Ferris wheel. Occasionally time seems to disappear, until the eventual point when it really does go missing, never to return.

Nurses know all about time, and they help us to spend it well.

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With thanks to the following nurses and midwives who shared stories or insights:

Aine Pope, Alesha Campbell, Alice Denga, Barbara Quinn, Claire Spencer, Elinor Eblamo-Abad, Emily McWhirter, Fiona Hamer, Fiona Hibberts, Gerry Trillana, Gillian Prager, Gitti Dunham née Niknejad, Heather Wood, Helen Hornett, Hilary Brian, Ian Noonan, Irene Addo, Jean Fryer, Jocelyn Cornish, Joey Bate, Judy Joseph, Kathy Miller, Kendra Schneller, Laura Farnham, Laura Karia, Liz Browze, Lucy Moorhead, Maggie Minards, Maya Khan, Miri Vutabwarova, Natalie Tiddy, Nordeya Gilbert, Rihannon Eley, Rosetta Schiff, Ruth Sivanesan, Sanjeev Heemraz, Sittana Abdelmagid, Tara al Sadoon, Tim Owens Jones, Vernie Ramalingam, Sarah Daly, Zoe Chadderton

Special thanks also to:

Anna Barney, Charlie Bond, Lucy Moorhead, Madeleine Bunting, Morisha Moodley, Tom Boutwood

“Moments of Grace” is the first strand of an oral history programme which culminates in an exhibition in Central Hall, St Thomas’ Hospital. The narrators have historic associations with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, although many went on to work in other settings. 

Supported by Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, and the Greater London Authority

Original music by Nicole Robson.

Illustration by Joanna Layla

Curated by Marie-France Kittler.

Produced by Laura Mitchison.


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