2016 - 2017

Memories Kitchen

Memories Kitchen was a series of reminiscence sessions and community feasts inspired by Lambeth residents’ childhood food stories. We brought sheltered housing residents together with their younger neighbours over a menu of delicious food and conversation. Smoke, fishing boats, big pots, baking bread, and foraged fruit fueled the nostalgia of people from Ireland, the Caribbean, West Africa, East Finchley and Columbia alike. The menu was devised by Laura Mitchison and Simon Wroe, riffing on these themes that cut across food memories in many lands.

Over 350 people shared stories and ate with us. The wonderful Brixton People’s Kitchen helped us serve the guests and recruit volunteers to train in oral history recording.  

Kindly supported by NHS Lambeth and the London Community Foundation.

"All the fruit we have from the West Indies in Brixton Market we had in our land, and we were free to eat as much as we like. Sometimes we just ate fruit all day. It was an adventure but we didn't realise it at the time. And we just explored the hills and other people's gardens. But our parents told us, 'if you loiter or stay too long, the black heart man will take you away.'"  - Velma Harry