2021 - 2022

Keepers of the Story

We are gathering stories about The Cassel Hospital, one of the world's first therapeutic communities, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Staff, patients and other stakeholders shared memories and unearthed imagery from their collective and personal archives. To protect anonymity, mainly historic photos have been used in this web resource, and the participants remain nameless for the time being. We've also created a collaboratively produced research report.

The Cassel Hospital is an NHS Tier 4 Specialist Personality Disorder Service, and is part of West London NHS Trust. The treatment is based on a combined psychosocial and psychoanalytic approach, and is delivered through two separate programmes: The Inpatient Service, and the Outreach Service. The Inpatient service provides residential treatment at the Cassel Hospital in Richmond, Surrey. The Outreach service provides community-based treatment, accessed either as a step down from the inpatient service or entered directly for those who can manage the treatment safely in the community. Cassel Services are for men and women over the age of 17.5 years, 18 on admission. All patients attend on a voluntary basis.