A Hackney Autobiography

From December 2014 until the end of April 2017, A Hackney Autobiography: Remembering Centerprise recorded and remembered Centerprise’s work by recording oral history interviews, gathering a permanent archive about Centerprise and running free workshops and events.  .

Centerprise was a groundbreaking community centre in Hackney that opened in 1971 and closed in 2012. It hosted a bookshop, publishing project, reading centre, café, youth club, creche and more all under one roof in Dalston. It was not only a place to buy books, it made it possible for local people to write and publish their own works of poetry, autobiography and history.

The website is now live. Visit to download the free mobile app, explore the interviews, learning resources and a library of Centerprise books, and order a copy of our book: The Lime Green Mystery: An oral history of the Centerprise co-operative. 

A Hackney Autobiography was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.