Sound Installation

BEGINNINGS by Christina Radukic (2m 30s)

My composition layers fragments from ten interviewees over a repeated drone to add an ethereal quality to their stories. 'Beginnings' is a tapestry of voices, a toe-dip into the vast range of experiences that propelled those involved with 5 Cally Road into activism. 

Watch Beginnings here.

TAKING ACTION by Laura Toms (11m 30s)

Taking Action explores the various campaigns and protests that were tightly connected to 5 Cally Road, with a particular focus on the anti-nuclear movement. During the piece, I want listeners to feel the raw exciting energy of these movements and be inspired by their desire to change the world.

Watch Taking Action here.


“Anarchy, peace and freedom. I thought that’s what I’m into” – Ramsey Kanaan. This piece explores Housmans connection to the anarcho-punk scene. In the early 1980s many young people discovered Housmans beyond the building, by seeing their stalls at anarcho-punk gigs. Their memories are interspersed with music from the time by anarcho-punk band Crass.

Watch Beyond the Bricks and Mortar here.

SHELTER by Naoise Murphy (15m 10s)

"A place like that bookshop is a sanctuary" - Geoff Hardy. This piece explores the various ways people have found shelter in 5 Cally Road over the years. It is structured around three stories, recounting times when activists found themselves in danger, and how they gravitated, instinctively, to the building for refuge at all times of the day and night.

Watch Shelter here.

UNITED IN OUR DIFFERENCES by Tania Aubeelack (9m 17s)

“Pacifism is simple in a way; it means I would not do that” – Bob Overy. In this piece I chose conflicting statements from our archive to explore what our interviewees think are the best ways to struggle against war and violence. The voices I present disagree over what campaigns to mount and what tactics to use. Amongst all the differences there are attempts to reach across the divides of different campaigns and unite.

Watch United in our Differences here.

PRAGMATIC ANARCHISM by Keir Chauhan (4m 35s)

This piece is based on an oral history interview I conducted with Martyn Lowe, a London Greenpeace activist. Here Martyn explains his anarchist philosophy. I combined Martyn speaking with sounds recorded from my rooftop:  wildlife (peregrine, bird calls), machinery (train) and atmospheric sound (horn).

Watch Pragmatic Anarchism here


When reflecting on the impact of 5 Cally Road, it is hard not to become overwhelmed by its impact on a multitude of social movements, which have genuinely shaped the society in which we now live. What stands out in the interviews is the very tangible importance of having a physical space to carry out these changes, to meet, to debate, to organise, to laugh, and to argue. This becomes a bittersweet legacy as the longevity of these physical spaces becomes increasingly precarious.

Watch The Permanence of the Building here.

Reverberations was an immersive sound installation (July - September 2021), produced by sound artist Wajid Yaseen, that used transducer speakers to resonate oral history interviews, atmospheric sound and the music of anarcho-punk band Crass through the bookshelves of one of London’s oldest radical bookshops, Housmans. The voices discovered while browsing the shelves share memories of marching against nuclear bombs, seeking sanctuary in the building and fighting for gay liberation.

Reverberations was produced by Wajid Yaseen and composed by Christina Radukic, Connie Hatt, Keir Chauhan, Laura Toms, Naoise Murphy, Tania Aubeelack and Will Hecker for 5 Cally Road.


Big A Little A, Systemic Death, Fight War, not Wars, They’ve Got a Bomb © Crass

Aerostat by Bio Unit. CC-BY-NC

Aldermaston - Ban the Bomb 2008 RiseUp! Radio CC-BY-NC


Thank you to those whose interviews feature in this installation: Alexander Donaldson, Ann Feltham, Bill Hetherington, Bob Overy, Bruce Kent, Clifford Williams, Diana James, Diana Shelley, Emily Johns, Eva Gonzalez, Gabriel Carlyle, Geoff Hardy, Ian Dixon, Ippy D, John Lloyd, Julian Hows, Lesley Mair, Martyn Lowe, Maryam Namazie, Michael Randle, Mike Jackson, Mo Moseley, Nettie Pollard, Nik Gorecki, Paul Gravett, Ramsey Kanaan, Roberta Bacic, Steve Craftman, Stuart Feather, Sue Aubrey and Valerie Flessati.

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