The Quick & The Dead

The Royal Parksinvited us to bury ourselves in a little house within Brompton Cemetery. Our mission was to find incredible oral stories from the Londoners who work, love, and dream among the gravestones.

Here, in the resulting radio documentary, you’ll meet a “gilded vagrant in velvet”, a man who drilled a hole in his own head, a famous pop-artist, a funeral celebrant, an expectant mother and a rich assortment of other city-dwellers.

What distinguishes Brompton Cemetery’s “field of stories” is that people flutter from one state of being into another, a bit like the butterflies and the broken angels around them. This graveyard is a green fuse for transformations - DIY brain surgery, new seasons, gender transition and life-after-death.

Co-production and sound design from Steve Urquhart.

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