Hyde Park Soundscape

copyright Moyra and Rodger Peralta



On the Record was asked to create a soundscape for the Royal Parks drawing on the Sounds from the Park archive, which has a permanent and welcoming home at Bishopsgate Institute Library.

Speeches and songs highlight the struggle to win the vote (19th century), student protests (2010), Donald Soper’s anti-nuclear platform (1970s), the Hyde Park Gays and Sapphics (1980s), an Irish heckler discussing the Bible (1990s), Ishmahil Blagrove on racism (1990s) and the women’s march (2017).

Sounds from the Park archive (collected by On the Record at Bishopsgate Institute) with thanks to Philip Wolmuth, Chris Kennett, Paul Kennett and Stef Dickers, Michelle Johansen, Nicola Hilton, Barbara Vesey & Rachel Smith of Bishopsgate Institute.

Additional footage of Women’s March 2017 by Rachel Smith and student protests by David Hardman (“no ifs, no buts, no education cuts”).

Music stems by Isa Suarez