Whisper in the archive (1)

Copyright Philip Wolmuth - http://bit.ly/TNZ92h
Copyright Philip Wolmuth - http://bit.ly/TNZ92h

Sounds from the Park┬áhas been collecting photographs and documents for the Speakers’ Corner archive at Bishopsgate Institute and recording associated memories. Every week we are going to post a snippet for you to see.

Here’s the first, donated by Chris Kennett:

Courtesy of Chris Kennett

“Betty was the self-styled quiz compere of Speakers’ Corner in the 1960s and sported a cap proudly proclaiming the initials HPQC – Hyde Park Question Corner. She delighted in firing a series of general knowledge questions in rapid succession at her audience and would get quite excited in doing so. Winners were rewarded with small prizes – usually a boiled sweet, though my brother tells me that I once returned home with a packet of something called “Jungle Juice”. For some reason I never did get round to sampling this however – I guess I must have been a bit suspicious!”


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